D Monamodi

AIRCO Chairperson:MR Moses Dodo Monamodi 

Portfolio: Business Affairs & International Affairs 

Achievements: CEO of Dojam Productions

Attended a three year course at a sound engineering college called Eplow House  College of sound engineering from 1995-1998 where he qualified and lectured at the same school as a digital sound engineering lecture for a year,Dodo worked for many recording studios in Johannesburg and amongst others is  Cyberforce studios, Noise2 Productions, Sizwe Zako Studios, Cool Spot Productions from  1998 to 2004 where he worked as a sound engineer and a producer, he recorded big hits like Lundi, Blondie Makhene, Oleseng, Sinky,Coyote, Kholeka, Mojeremane, Solly Moholo,Solly Mthiya,Matlakala and the Comforters Brenda Fassie and the list is endless.

In 2004 he resigned from Cool spot and focused in his record label called Dojam Productions. 2006.

Dodo was recruited by AIRCO (Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa) as a Board member and later he was appointed as an Exco member. Airco is an organization that represents the interest of independent record labels of South Africa. He remarkably transformed the music industry in ensuring that plain fields are being leveled between the emerging record companies and major record companies. 2006-2009 Dodo was recruited by Midem Committee International to serve on this committee on their behalf and to represent South African Music Industry in France. In 2008 He was voted the deputy Chairperson of the Association and 2009 he was requested by the constituency and the funder (DAC-Department of Arts and Culture) to take the lead as a Chairperson of the Association to date. In 2009 Dodo was also seating as an advisory committee member of the Minister of Arts and Culture heading music industry special projects like Midem International and the Haiti Music contributions. Midem is an International high level forum whereby all record company owners, Publishers across the World are meeting to exchange license deals, since 2009,Dodo has been leading a team of business people from South Africa to attend Midem in exchanging lucrative deals. The Project is financially supported by the DAC.